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Просто един дневник. Моля на който не му харесва да не идва да чете това, което си пиша. А тук ще си пиша обикновено каквото срещам в мрежата и ме учудва и не само в мрежата
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28.02.2010 03:21 - Защо и Xandria????
Тъпо ми става като чета новина че някоя от любимите ми групи се разпада. Идва ми да се напия до безсъзнание. МАМКА МУ и живота.

February 18th 2010 - Singer

We have good and bad news for you.

First the bad ones: It now appears that Kerstin Bischof unfortunately canґt be the permanent new singer of Xandria. Due to occupational and private reasons she wants to concentrate on her non-musical career in the future and cannot support Xandria the way it would be necessary. We wish her all the best for the future!

So here and now we are searching for a new singer again, details for applications follow in a few days.

We know that you are waiting for a new album, and we are very sorry for keeping you waiting even longer for the new songs, with which we actually wanted to enter the recording studio now.

The good news is that we will play the coming concerts nevertheless, cause our old singer Lisa Middelhauve has agreed to step in for them. But she will not enter the band again, so this will be an unexpected last opportunity for many fans to experience her on stage with Xandria once more!


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