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Air emissions coordinator Horizon oil sands - Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.

GNU Linux Suomi Air pollution control, CEMS, Air monitoring, Stacks testing.

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03.12.2012 01:06 - Subaru Forester XT 2012.
Новичко е а ми прави чакмаци иначе пали но миналия понеделник ме уплаши като взе да върти все пак беше само -6. Какво ли ще прави на -30 ?

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01.12.2012 02:00 - Студено брях...
Не е зле днес само -26 вчера беше -35. Така си е тук в далечния север хъх

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Така е където комунист стъпи трева не никне. Хайде да видим за колко време ще фалират нефтената си индустрия.


BUENOS AIRES - Argentine lawmakers Thursday gave their final approval to a bill giving President Cristina Kirchner the green light to seize a 51% stake in the country's largest oil and gas producer, YPF SA, from Spain's Repsol YPF SA.

The Lower House overwhelmingly approved the legislation with 207 of its 257 members voting in favor of nationalizing YPF. The bill, which cleared the Senate last week, now heads to Kirchner's desk to be signed into law. 
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Тук няколко човека пускат финландски метьл. Поне не е Канадски де ....

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Charon to call it quits this summer

Metal band Charon, founded in 1992 in Raahe, Finland, quits after next summer’s performances. The band will be doing last gigs as a favour to their loyal fans and finally wraps up nearly two decades of music career.

"This shouldn’t be a really big surprise for anyone. We are forced to admit that we have no longer anything new to give to the genre in which Charon has operated. Doing things forced or not straight from the heart has never been a band practice for us. And a 100 % satisfactory outcome would no longer be possible", the band explains a long considered solution.

"After the last studio album we should have gotten a grip in time and not to delay the decisions we faced in the end of 2009. In the summer 2010, ‘a new beginning’ with a new guitarist worked brilliantly and we even wrote a full album of songs. But we did not have enough heart and passion to light up the final fire and to finish the record. Years of hanging loose from the noose had eaten up most of our energy and creativity. "

"Playing in the band has been a solid part of our lives for nearly two decades. Charon had been a measure for everything that we've done in our lives. There are lots of good memories and tours behind and above all, great fans. Everything has its moments but nothing lasts forever. Our moment ends now. "

Charon released five studio albums as well as the last year's compilation album A-Sides, B-Sides & Suicides, where you will find their last recorded song, The Cure. Charon’s last studio album was Songs For The Sinners from autumn 2005.

All the band members still have a passion for playing and they all will continue their careers in music. Guys will announce more about their new plans when the time is right.

Charon can be seen last time live on stage in Helsinki at Tuska Open Air Festival evening club at Virgin Oil Co on Friday 22 July 2011 and two consecutive nights in Oulu at Nuclear Nightclub on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 July 2011. Details of the gigs will be published later.


3 June 2011 in Oulu, Finland

Жалко за вас момчета. Наистина съжалявам че няма да чувам музиката, която създавате повече.

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